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"...I am so grateful to Dr. Shirin for treating my daughter Angela's eczema. We went to so many doctors before, and Angela was very anxious and scared. Not only did doctor Shirin put her at ease right away, but the symptoms are controlled better then ever. I can not believe how simple her new skin regimen is!..."
V.K., 38

"I have hands and feet psoriasis. Three months ago I was embarrassed to shake people's hands and could not walk because of the sores on my feet. I have tried ( and failed) all the creams, but that's all I was ever offered. Dr. Shirin LISTENED. She started me on Enbrel, and now my hands and feet look normal, first time in the last 10 years. Thank you for changing my life"
Natasha, 58

"...thanks a million to Dr.Shirin and her wonderful staff! My skin cancer surgery was painless and the whole team made this experience as easy as possible for me and my family."
J.S., 69

" Dr. Shirin saved my life! She spotted this little black mole on my leg, and sure enough it was a melanoma. She got it before it had a chance to spread. Doctor is so thorough, that I know I am in great hands!"
Kelly, 35

" I am so glad to get rid of my facial hair. Before I had to shave almost every day, next to my husband. Now my face is silky smooth all the time. Thanks, Doc."
Gina, 43

"… I now recommend your office to all my friends and co-workers. I felt respected, cared for, and was amazed how much time the doctor spent with me. My other dermatologist would spend 40 seconds in the room, give me prescription and leave. I found a doctor that I can TRUST…"
E.H., 50

"…people at work are commenting on how great I look! Photofacials are amazing! I had 3 out of 5 and cannot believe the difference already…"
Lindsay, 52.

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